The fifth annual Taco Libre was held on Saturday, April 27th, and The Shed was filled with 30 taco vendors, live music, and luchadores who competed throughout the day. Taco Libre provided the unique opportunity to see live Mexican professional wrestling (luchadores) compete with their colorful masks in a central ring located inside The Shed. Even though Taco Libre took over The Shed, the farmers market continued as usual in our Urban Pop-Up space. We moved all of your favorite vendors to the urban space + along Taylor Street + around The Market building. Here, the market gets back to its roots. When farmers first began meeting almost 100 years ago to sell their produce at a central location they didn’t have a covered pavilion to set up shop. Instead, they lined the streets and sold directly out of the back of their cars. We embraced that same heritage and hosted our 100-vendor market out in the sun. We love that events allow us to connect with the community. People who might not of otherwise heard of the farmers market received a first hand view of what we do every weekend. And farmers market goers will hear about the important events like this weekend’s celebration of tejano, mexican, and latino culture. The street markets allow us to have the best of supporting farmers, connecting with the community, and promoting significant events. We were excited to celebrate the warmer weather with spring produce and, of course, tacos! The Dallas Farmers Market is open Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays (10am – 3pm), Saturdays (9am – 5pm) and Sundays (10am – 5pm). Can’t get enough of the Dallas Farmers Market? Subscribe to our weekly newsletter!