Our Mission

Here, in the heart of Downtown, the Dallas Farmers Market exists to cultivate a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle for all of North Texas. Honesty, transparency and responsibility are the guiding forces behind our organization. We believe in educating our community about how to live in a natural, balanced way.


Brand Promise

The Dallas Farmers Market brand was not created overnight. Our history lies deep in the development of Dallas as a city. It has grown and changed, just as Dallas has. But now as the market enters a new era, it’s time to show the city how it has transformed through the introduction of our revitalized brand.

We Believe In

Secure Food Sourcing

  • Supporting local farmers
  • Creating a secure, regional food system
  • Propelling education and new farm technologies
  • Creating sustainable lifestyles


  • Allowing everyone to eat right (SNAP)
  • Re-establishing the connection to food and the community
  • Enriching Dallas urban living


  • Encouraging job creation
  • Boosting small businesses
  • Revitalizing South Dallas