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Farmers Market @ The Shed

FutureDevelopmentThe Shed is an open-air pavilion where you can shop from regional vendors who grow, raise, make and produce food. You’ll find a mix of farmers with seasonal produce grown in this climate, ranchers with naturally raised meats, cheese, eggs and honey, and food artisans who make breads, canned and regional/international foods. The Shed also has a handful of arts and crafts vendors throughout the year.

Shopping carts are available, and misters and ceiling fans lower the temperature by 15 degrees in the summer months.

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The Shed Hours:

Fridays – 10am to 3pm
Saturdays – 9am to 5pm
Sundays – 10am to 5pm

As the home of fresh produce, dairy and other products, The Shed was the first piece of the market to open under the new plan. Changes include:

  • High-quality vendors and food products
  • Addition of local farmers (from 5 to 27)
  • Clearly identified product sources
  • Availability of shopping carts
  • Misters and ceiling fans to help to lower the temperature by 15 degrees
  • Band shell at the east end of the building
  • Loading zone

During this season, the weather conditions affect our farmers and they have a harder time bringing their goods to market. This will be a reduced market, but there will still be vendors with items you like. Come buy their goods and admire their fortitude. ♥