Shopping the Dallas Farmers Market is a family-friendly market for people of all ages! To maximize your experience the next time you visit, use this list of shopping tips and suggestions to help you navigate the market with ease.

  1. Plan to take your time and enjoy shopping at a farmers market.
  2. The best selection of fruits, vegetables and products are found earlier in the day.
  3. Use the “Find Vendors” page to help you determine which products will be available on the day you plan to visit.
  4. Bring your own shopping bags to help you carry your farmer market finds.
  5. Spend time to get to know the vendors and ask questions about their products.
  6. Ask vendors about preorders, especially for eggs, natural meats and artisan products.
  7. Cash is the easiest way to pay for goods offered at the market and there is an ATM located on site. Some vendors do accept credit cards and SNAP. Nearly all our vendors accept SNAP/Lonestar card Benefits. First go to Market Provisions inside The Market building, they will swipe your card and give you dollar wooden tokens that can be used for all produce, meats, honey and nearly every sealed packaged item. Market Provisions will provide more information on how it operates and works.
  8. Bring a cooler to help keep your purchase fresh in transit from the market to your kitchen.
  9. Double-check your purchases before you leave the market to make sure you are getting all of the products on your list.
  10. Stop by the information booth to pick up a bumper sticker and for answers to frequently asked questions. Complimentary wagons are available.