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Farmer Profiles

Dallas Farmers Market | Fun Things To Do in Dallas TX | JuHa Ranch

JuHa Ranch

Farm established in 2000

JuHa Ranch has been at DFM for 8 years.

Anyone who knows Harry Butaud and Judi Glasgow know they go together like peas and carrots. One needs look no further than their business name to understand their bond. While sitting at the ranch bar with friends one night, the pair established the ranch name as a combination of their first names. “Ju” for Judi and “Ha” for Harry. Harry appealed to call it “HaJu” instead, but the group decided that sounded too much like a sneeze.

While Harry has always been a country boy, Judi was raised a city girl. The pair met through mutual friends in 1986; Harry was working various industrial jobs, and Judi was a dental hygienist. But both desired to be their own boss, and in 2000 Harry convinced Judi to return to country life. They bought a ranch south of Corsicana and began raising beef using sustainable practices, such as rotational grazing on chemical-free pastures. Not many ranchers followed these methods at the time, and many looked at the pair as though they were crazy. Harry and Judi persevered.

At first their animals were sold in the commodity market, hauling to sale barns. Harry and Judi found no personal satisfaction in selling their animals this way, and looked for alternatives. In the late 2000s, the couple leant a hand to a business owner selling produce at the Dallas Farmers Market. After gaining a little experience, they decided to try their hand at direct marketing and joined the Dallas Farmers Market in 2008. They eventually expanded the ranch to include pork, lamb, rabbit and range-free chicken eggs. The pair also raise and train horses and working dogs.

The JuHa Ranch philosophy is simple: practice and spread the principles of sustainable agriculture; conserve and restore all aspects of nature; maintain ecological integrity in all practices; continue their commitment to best practice and improvement; and the ethical and humane treatment of all animals.

Dallas Farmers Market | Fun Things To Do in Dallas TX | Lost Ruby Ranch

Lost Ruby Ranch

Farm established in 2000

Lost Ruby Ranch has been at DFM for 1 year.

In 1976, after retiring from a career in sales, Bill Allen and his wife, Pauline purchased 70 acres south of Bonham in rural Fannin County Texas. They raised Limousin Cattle until his death in 1994. Their fifth child, Paul Allen bought the farm in 2000 with plans to rise dairy goats after his own retirement from the corporate world. Paul had a career of 20 years in the defense industry with Texas instruments and 16 years in the telecommunications industry.

The name “Lost Ruby Ranch” was given in loving memory of Bill
Allen. Bill’s sister, Virginia was a court stenographer at the Nuremberg Trials at the end of WWII. When Virginia returned from Germany, she brought a ruby to give to her only brother, Bill. The ruby was mounted as a ring and graced with a diamond was worn by Bill for many years until it slipped off his finger here at the ranch, never to be seen again. The story of the lost ruby grows larger with time and will someday be so large that we cannot help but trip over it.

Paul has been able to plan building layouts and pasture fencing, for years, while visiting many dairy goat farms in Texas and Oklahoma. Attending several cheese making classes each year with the eye always on the day when retirement and “Lost Ruby Ranch” would be realized. Currently managing a herd of 22 dairy goats with kidding season to begin in early March 2016.

Lost Ruby Ranch’s fresh goat cheese is available at the Dallas Farmers Market and is available in plain and many different flavors.  They will let you try a sample because it tastes so good!

Dallas Farmers Market | Fun Things To Do in Dallas TX | Bois d'Arc Meat Company

Bois d’Arc Meat Company

Farm established in 2015

Bois d’Arc Meat Company has been at DFM for 1 year.

Few farmers have the opportunity to farm land that has been in their family over 160 years. Thomas Locke of Bois d’Arc Meat Company in Windom TX is one of those fortunate farmers and takes pride in this legacy by embracing the farm practices of yesteryear where natural ecological processes were allowed to occur. The Locke family, farming 160 acres just 90 minutes from Dallas, raise their cattle, pigs, turkeys and hens in a traditional, non-GMO environment– believing that pasture-raised cattle, chickens, turkeys and pigs are happy animals that produce extremely high-quality and healthy foods and eggs.

Dallas Farmers Market | Fun Things To Do in Dallas TX | Denton Creek Farm

Denton Creek Farm

Farm established in 1996

Denton Creek Farm has been at DFM for 1 year.

Fifty miles north of Dallas sits Denton Creek Farm and its 40 acres of the most delicious produce. Keith Copp, patriarch of the family owned farm in Ponder TX, believes that for a fruit or vegetable to provide the most nutrients and best flavors, it should be left on the vine until reaching full ripeness. With this guiding mantra, the Copps harvest their seasonal produce daily so customers can get the freshest produce possible. Their success with these farming practices has led to an additional 9 greenhouses and Denton Creek Farm now offers hydroponically-grown lettuces

The Copps at Denton Creek Farm have delivered their sought after produce to the North Texas area since 2014.

Dallas Farmers Market | Fun Things To Do in Dallas TX | Elliott Grows

Elliott Grows

Farm established in 2010

Elliott Grows has been at DFM for 2 years.

About 40 minutes northwest of Dallas (and a country road or two later), you arrive in Aubrey at Elliott Grows farm. Farming proprietors Steve and Cat Elliott grow healthy and luscious greens such as a variety of basil, heirloom lettuce as well as watercress and sorrel at the hydroponic-practicing farm. If you consider the fact that it takes on average 71 gallons of water to produce a single pound of traditional field-grown lettuce, the Elliotts, using their sustainable, soil-free hydroponic methods, can produce that same pound of letter using less than 3 gallons of water. And we can have locally grown greens year round!

Dallas Farmers Market | Fun Things To Do in Dallas TX | Williams Farm

Williams Farm

Farm established in 2013

Williams Farm has been at DFM for 1 year.

Williams Farm is located near Jacksonville TX and produces chemical-free fruits and vegetables under the caring stewardship of Herbert and Thongma Williams. The Williams grow the popular tasty Jacksonville tomatoes as well as sweet Noonday Onions on their 8 ½ acre farm. Particularly special about the Williams’ dedication to the production of fresh and nutritious foods is that they hand-shell their home grown southern peas.

Dallas Farmers Market | Fun Things To Do in Dallas TX | Winona Orchards

Winona Orchards

Farm established in 2004

Winona Orchards has been at DFM for 2 years.

Imagine picking the freshest, juiciest peaches or berries and placing them in a cooler on a truck. Now drive that truck straight to the Dallas Farmers Market. THAT is how fresh the fruits from Winona Orchards are.

Located on 65 acres near Tyler, Winona Orchards is family owned and operated. Along with luscious blueberries and blackberries, the Sattler family has been growing 35 varieties of high quality peaches since 2004.

Eat the Yard

Farm established in 2012

Eat the Yard has been at DFM since 2016.

Eat the Yard is an urban farming business dedicated to fortifying Dallas’ local food shed and supporting American veterans. Veterans Steve Smith and James Jeffers founded Eat the Yard in 2012.

With sustainable methods and entirely organic practices, they sell only the highest quality produce at the Dallas Farmers Market, local restaurants, grocers and folks within their community.

The urban farm includes every inch of James’ and Steve’s properties in Oak Cliff, friends’ yards, rooftops, and a 17-acre farm in Desoto, TX. As the Dallas food movement materializes, more people are demanding ultra-local, premium quality ingredients that Eat the Yard provide.

Urban Produce

Urban Produce has been at DFM since 2016.

Urban Produce is a family owned and operated urban farm in Waco, and provides the customers at the Dallas Farmers Market with some of the very best local and sustainable produce. Their leafy greens are grown “under glass” on floating rafts in nutrient rich ponds, with the Reynolds family able to grow year-round in an environment completely unaffected by natural weather conditions. To ensure the highest quality produce, Urban Produce focuses exclusively on locally grown lettuce and leafy greens with around 8-9 different varieties of plant on-site. Freshness, as one can imagine, is a HUGE factor.

Comeback Creek Farm

Farm established in 2005.

Comeback Creek Farm has been at DFM since 2016.

Comeback Creek Farm is owned and operated by John and Aliza Kilburn.  The farm was started in 2005 in Pittsburg, Texas – a town about 100 miles east of Dallas.  Truly a small, family-run operation, the Kilburns still plant every seed, pick every weed, and tend to every plant with their own hands.  They farm the land with care using only low impact, sustainable methods: no synthetic pesticides or herbicides and no harmful chemical fertilizers or genetically modified seed. These ecologically sound practices are safe for us as growers, for you as consumers, and for the land around us.

American Heritage Farm

Farm established in 2016.

American Heritage Farm has been at DFM since 2016.

America Heritage Garden was established in 2016. This small scale farm produces heirloom tomatoes using hydroponic growing methods. Though small, we can grow over 50,000lbs in one season! American Heritage Garden is the smallest farm in Texas to be USDA Good Agriculture Practice Certified. Sold by the pound at the Dallas Farmers Market when in season. Also sells boxes for canning or sauces.

Moss Haven Farm

Farm established in 2012.

Moss Haven Farm has been at DFM since 2016.

Herbs from Moss Haven Farm are sold at Market Provision Co.

The Moss Haven Farm provides unique, hands-in-the-dirt learning opportunities for students at Moss Haven Elementary. Seeds were sown on a simple grassy patch in March 2012 that has now grown to 23 raised beds, a farm field and a chicken coop. Moss Haven Farm has been recognized as an American Heart Association Teaching Garden and has been awarded United Way’s Healthy Zone School. Moss Haven Farm provides environmental awareness, nutritional and agricultural education in an outdoor learning environment that also encourages students’ skills in math, science and reading to grow. Teachers and volunteers are committed to the unique educational environment for students to experience the wonder of the entire good-growth process from seed and soil to the students’ tables at home. Moss Haven Farm is located at 9202 Moss Farm Lane in Dallas at Richardson ISD’s Moss Haven Elementary.

9-T Farm

9-T Farm has been at DFM since 2016.

I grew up on the Dallas Farmers Market in the 1970’s and 1980’s. I love to grow things and feel called back to it. I am using my plant nursery facility to grow the vegetables that we are bringing to the Dallas Farmers Market. We are so happy that it is farmers first to bring it back to greatness. We don’t care to use any pesticides and will look into some of the organic growing methods. I am actually looking to gain more knowledge in permaculture so We can train missionaries and other people at the farm in Ennis to go to places across the globe to help people to grow more food, share the Gospel and eradicate hunger.

Highway 19 Berries and Produce

Farm established in 2014.

Highway 19 Berries and Produce has been at DFM since 2016.

Family Farm, 10 acres, located in Athens TX producing fresh picked produce and berries using organic methods. Non GMO with only natural fertilizers or chemicals. Specializing in vine ripe strawberries in the early Spring.

Hartvickson Family Farm

Farm established in 2015.

Hartvickson Family Farm has been at DFM since 2016.

We are a family farm dedicated to bringing All Natural Heritage Pork to your table! We don’t use any growth hormones, no Antibiotics and once processed we never use any nitrates. We have hams, boneless pork chops, three flavors of Bratwurst, BACON, breakfast sausage, chorizo, ground pork, summer sausage, pepper sticks and more.

Earthstead Farm

Farm established in 2015.

Earthstead Farm has been at DFM since 2016.

Earthstead Farms is a small local farm in Ben Wheeler, TX currently producing poultry products and seasonal produce. We sell pastured whole chicken, eggs, and turkeys seasonally. All our animals are fed locally sourced Soy and GMO free feeds which are also not medicated.We strive to provide the most natural environment possible that allows each animal to express it’s unique characteristics. We run an open farm and if you would like to come out and see the operation, come on by or call to make sure we are available. Our goal is to provide our family and yours with healthy high quality foods for customers who share our values.

RC Rogers

Farm established in 2015.

RC Rogers has been at DFM since 2016.

We sell tomato and pepper transplants, fresh heirloom tomatoes, peppers and lettuce in Forney, Tx. All plants and produce are grown without toxic herbicides or pesticides, using organic non GMO seeds. We pick out produce grown in Forney Texas daily.

East Texas Aquaponics

Farm established in 2015.

East Texas Aquaponics has been at DFM since 2016.

East Texas Aquaponics grows high-quality, nutrient-dense produce. We are committed to working and serving locally, offering fresh produce to farmers’ markets, restaurants, and communities exclusively within our home farm’s locality to reduce food miles. We grow and manage regeneratively, with systems designed to continuously improve fertility and environmental diversity.