Dallas Farmers Market Farm Visits

Providing access to fresh, local and authentic food for Texans is the fundamental goal of the Dallas Farmers Market. To ensure the quality of product, validity of growing methods and to learn more about the challenges each farmer or rancher must overcome, the DFM team travels to visit each farmer and rancher accepted into our market. We believe that by learning about our food we are able to form a deeper appreciation for the meals we eat and the people who work to provide them. Join us as we travel across Texas and meet the incredible men and women who work to keep us all fed.

Anchor Farms Aquaponics – Bennington, OK

Anchor Farms is in full production providing organic fresh long lasting lettuce. Shelf life is 4-6 weeks in a crisper and it is just as crisp and fresh as the day it was harvested!

Baugh Family Farms  – Wills Point, TX

Grow heirloom tomatoes, peaches, watermelons and a variety of other vegetables. Also grows variety of flowers and sells them fresh cut.

Berry Best – Larue TX

Blueberry farm (state certified organic) that provide fresh (usually 1 to 3 days off the bush) organic, handpicked blueberries.

Bois d’Arc Meat Company – Windom, TX

Few farmers have the opportunity to farm land that has been in their family over 160 years. Thomas Locke of Bois d’Arc Meat Company in Windom, TX is one of those fortunate farmers and takes pride in this legacy by embracing the farm practices of yesteryear where natural ecological processes were allowed to occur. The Locke family, farming 160 acres just 90 minutes from Dallas, raise their cattle, pigs, turkeys and hens in a traditional, non-GMO environment– believing that pasture-raised cattle, chickens, turkeys and pigs are happy animals that produce extremely high-quality and healthy foods and eggs.