Dallas Farmers Market Farm Visits

Providing access to fresh, local and authentic food for Texans is the fundamental goal of the Dallas Farmers Market. To ensure the quality of product, validity of growing methods and to learn more about the challenges each farmer or rancher must overcome, the DFM team travels to visit each farmer and rancher accepted into our market. We believe that by learning about our food we are able to form a deeper appreciation for the meals we eat and the people who work to provide them. Join us as we travel across Texas and meet the incredible men and women who work to keep us all fed.

Anchor Farms Aquaponics – Bennington, OK

Anchor Farms is in full production providing organic fresh long lasting lettuce. Shelf life is 4-6 weeks in a crisper and it is just as crisp and fresh as the day it was harvested!

Baugh Family Farms  – Wills Point, TX

Grow heirloom tomatoes, peaches, watermelons and a variety of other vegetables. Also grows variety of flowers and sells them fresh cut.

Berry Best – Larue TX

Blueberry farm (state certified organic) that provide fresh (usually 1 to 3 days off the bush) organic, handpicked blueberries.

Bois d’Arc Meat Company – Windom, TX

Few farmers have the opportunity to farm land that has been in their family over 160 years. Thomas Locke of Bois d’Arc Meat Company in Windom, TX is one of those fortunate farmers and takes pride in this legacy by embracing the farm practices of yesteryear where natural ecological processes were allowed to occur. The Locke family, farming 160 acres just 90 minutes from Dallas, raise their cattle, pigs, turkeys and hens in a traditional, non-GMO environment– believing that pasture-raised cattle, chickens, turkeys and pigs are happy animals that produce extremely high-quality and healthy foods and eggs.

Bonton Farms – Dallas, TX

An agricultural intervention to restore lives, create jobs and ignite hope in the most forgotten and neglected neighborhoods for the most marginalized and vulnerable people.

Crawford Farms – Timpson, TX

“Our crops are sustainably grown using organic practices.” Come and give a big DFM welcome to Crawford Farms! They will be bringing turnip greens, spinach, white turnips w/ top, cilantro, mustard greens, broccoli, kale, collard greens, baby leaf lettuces, some red potatoes and onions from their fall crop. They have been farming for 40 years and we are very excited to have them!

Eden Hill Winery – Celina, TX

When you hear of a friend’s upcoming wine tour, you most likely think of vineyards in California, Italy, or even Spain. Eden Hill is trying to change that. Chris Hornbaker has a love of wine, and believes that Texas grown wine can be just as good as wine grown in more “exotic” locations. He is making his dream come true in Celina, TX, located about an hour north of Dallas. Chris and his family graciously hosted the Dallas Farmers Market team to show us around his property and let us into the secret of making world-class wine in Texas. Read more about Eden Hill Winery on our blog!

Jersey Girl – Winnsboro, TX

This family dairy farm, Jersey Girls Milk Company, provide pasteurized milk + chocolate milk, many delicious yogurt flavors and a variety of cheeses. Once you get a taste, it sells itself.

Juha Ranch – Barry, TX

Anyone who knows Harry Butaud and Judi Glasgow know they go together like peas and carrots. One needs look no further than their business name to understand their bond. While sitting at the ranch bar with friends one night, the pair established the ranch name as a combination of their first names. “Ju” for Judi and “Ha” for Harry. Harry appealed to call it “HaJu” instead, but the group decided that sounded too much like a sneeze.

Raising beef using sustainable practices, such as rotational grazing on chemical-free pastures. Expanded the ranch to include pork, lamb, rabbit and range-free chicken eggs. The pair also raise and train horses and working dogs. The JuHa Ranch philosophy is simple: practice and spread the principles of sustainable agriculture; conserve and restore all aspects of nature; maintain ecological integrity in all practices; continue their commitment to best practice and improvement; and the ethical and humane treatment of all animals.

Lee-Lynn’s Farm – Barry, TX

Lee-Lynn’s Farm and Ranch began when Rick Tantlinger got his first give chickens in his Arlington home. He soon discovered that he had found his passion and began investing in his future farm. Now, Rick has moved from city life to Barry, TX and has embraced country life. His farm and ranch is composed of a 300 chicken flock, 40 ducks, and a handful of cattle, dogs, cats, and a baby donkey named Murphy. Stop by Lee-Lynn’s to buy non-GMO and non-soy fed chicken and duck eggs.

Lost Ruby Ranch – Bonham, TX

The name “Lost Ruby Ranch” was given in loving memory of Bill Allen. Bill’s sister, Virginia was a court stenographer at the Nuremberg Trials at the end of WWII. When Virginia returned from Germany, she brought a ruby to give to her only brother, Bill. The ruby was mounted as a ring and graced with a diamond was worn by Bill for many years until it slipped off his finger here at the ranch, never to be seen again. The story of the lost ruby grows larger with time and will someday be so large that we cannot help but trip over it.

Paul has been able to plan building layouts and pasture fencing, for years, while visiting many dairy goat farms in Texas and Oklahoma. Attending several cheese making classes each year with the eye always on the day when retirement and “Lost Ruby Ranch” would be realized. Currently managing a herd of 22 dairy goats with kidding season to begin in early March 2016. Lost Ruby Ranch’s fresh goat cheese is available at the Dallas Farmers Market and is available in plain and many different flavors.  They will let you try a sample because it tastes so good!

Musgrove Family Farm – Greenville, TX

“Everyone is friendly on this farm,” Bill Musgrove proudly told us as we stood petting his delightful 14 year-old donkey, Jack. Bill, the owner of Musgrove Family Farms located in Greenville, TX, took us on a tour of the family’s property earlier this month. And if one thing could define this operation, it would be family. Bill told us about all of the family’s most interesting pets across the years, including a vulture named Lurch, who was released into the wild, but still came back for the occasional visit. Bill made sure to inform us that even Lurch was friendly. From the pigs Mr. Pigsley and Penelope, to the handful of dogs including Grandpa and Gig, to the Brazilian Macaw— Mimi— that greeted us at the front door, we would have to agree, everyone is friendly on this lavender farm. Read more about Musgrove Family Farm on our blog!

Paisley Farm – Bonham, TX

Raising healthy, happy all natural chickens for egg production. Our hens are fed an all-natural, non soy and non GMO based feed as well as free ranging for grass and bugs. They are moved every 3 days for fresh grazing.

Prayer Lavender Garden – Rockwall, TX

Prayer Lavender Garden is a small, family owned and operated Lavender farm located in Rockwall, Texas. Established in 2016 after being awarded the Young Farmers Grant from the Texas Department of Agriculture, they opened to the public in June 2018. Their farm consists of 3 acres and has of over 2,000 lavender plants, a variety of herbs, an apiary, an outdoor children’s play area and miniature farm animals. The barn is filled with handcrafted bath/body and culinary products, including lavender inspired artisan roasted coffee and ice cream – both made onsite. Their also offer classes – Lavender wreath making classes, Lunch + Learns and Candle making classes.

Silver Spur – Hico, TX

A native Texan that had the privilege of living in Santa Rosa, California on Olivet Road for 25 years, Phillip Lopez is committed to creating Texas wines with bold flavor. With help from his close neighbors and winemakers he has gained the knowledge and understanding of the wine industry. Now back at home in Texas he brings the styles of wine and wine making crafts from the region of Sonoma County to the Texas Wine Industry. Using background gained from experience in the California wine industry, Silver Spur Winery applies art and science to overcome the unique challenges that Texas grape growers face. Their tasting room is located in downtown Hico but look for them on weekends the Dallas Farmers Market.

Thirsty Farms — Forney, TX

Local producers who sell all-natural longhorn beef, produce, honey & flowers.

Winona Orchards — Winona, TX

Imagine picking the freshest, juiciest peaches or berries and placing them in a cooler on a truck. Now drive that truck straight to the Dallas Farmers Market. THAT is how fresh the fruits from Winona Orchards are. Located on 65 acres near Tyler, Winona Orchards is family owned and operated. Along with luscious blueberries and blackberries, the Sattler family has been growing 35 varieties of high quality peaches since 2004.