Since 2014, Denton Creek Farm has been bringing its fresh produce to the Dallas Farmers Market. But the Ponder-based farm has been nurturing plants from seed to harvest for much longer than that.

Keith Copp is a lifelong farmer, and together with his family tends a 40-acre farm that produces a wide range of fresh vegetables, from greens and lettuces to root vegetable, tomatoes, peas, eggplant, and okra.

The property, which is 10 miles west of Denton and 50 miles north of Dallas, also features three greenhouses that produce a variety of tatsoi, spinach, carrots, strawberries, and hydroponically grown lettuces and basil.

Selling in The Shed at Dallas Farmers Market allows the Copps to grow year-round, bringing in their seasonal produce at its peak of freshness (they harvest every day to ensure each crop reaches maximum ripeness).

Denton Creek Farm joins dozens of farmers and ranchers who arrive each weekend bearing locally grown fresh fruit, vegetables, eggs, honey, bread, cheese, and meat, all seasonal and ready for you to take home to your own kitchen.

These face-to-face interactions and the chance to buy food directly from the people who produce it are reasons that make shopping at the Dallas Farmers Market so special.

Stop by The Shed at the Dallas Farmers Market to experience the Copps’ dedication to quality and ensure they can continue growing, and load up on fresh fruits and vegetables while you’re at it.

By CultureMap Create