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DFM Location: #162
Hours: 10am – 6pm, 7 Days a Week
Summary: A new take on the general store! Find your morning coffee, sundries or everything for a farm-to-table meal. You'll find fresh meats, produce, specialty foods and even grab-n-go food - all from local farmers and artisans. Market Provisions offers a place for local producers and artisans to sell their goods without having to pay for an expensive storefront themselves. When you shop at Market Provisions, you are not only helping a small business succeed, but you are also helping make a difference in your neighborhood! When you make a purchase you are supporting GROW North Texas in making fresh, nutritious foods available to low-income residents with special programs. In other words, all proceeds from Market Provisions go straight back into the community.
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Phone: 214-702-6655
DFM Location: #131
Hours: 11am-7pm Daily
Summary: The Best of Big D 2018 - BEST CHEESE SHOP Scardello is a cut-to-order cheese shop focused on handcrafted cheeses and tasty accompaniments with a focus on cheese from Texas and domestic cheeses. At Scardello, we embrace our role as “Cheese Enthusiasts” by sharing our excitement with our guests. Scardello provides high-quality, artisan products and accepts a responsibility to our world, our community, our guests and each other.
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Phone: 214-238-2312
DFM Location: 1011 S Pearl Expressway, #160 Dallas, TX 75201
Hours: Monday to Friday, 10am - 6pm; Saturday and Sunday, 9am - 6pm
Summary: There are fans, and then there are fans. Three separate customers recently flew from Australia to shop at Simply Irresistible, a home decor and apparel boutique with two locations in Waco that stocks one-of-a-kind, vintage, urban, and contemporary pieces. Dallas shoppers won't have to go to nearly those lengths, or even make the drive to Waco, once Simply Irresistible opened inside the Dallas Farmers Market. It's the first location for the store outside of Waco, and owner Mathew Urquizo knew immediately that the DFM would be the perfect fit. "The first time I visited the DFM in early January, I knew Simply Irresistible had to be a part of it," he says. "I knew our whole vision and style could blend in effortlessly with the environment and surrounding shops — all of which I fell in love with right away." From bedding to tableware, jewelry to ensembles, the goods are a reflection of not just what's trending, but of what's timeless. There's seasonal decor as well, along with hand-lettered and drawn signs, greeting cards, T-shirts, and kitchen towels from Whiski Designs, which started out in Deep Ellum. Apparel spans all ages and sizes, and includes a wide range of accessories. Urquizo is joined by his sister Megan, mother Petra (who functions as the lead designer), and a small staff that reinforces the family-run business feel. But don't let the intimate staff size